CRISPY COATED ROBOTS #137 - Top 5 Doormat/Pushover Characters and Doormats


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Episode 137: “The Doormat Episode”

The guys debate the best example of a doormat/pushover character, while also discussing doormats for the home.

· Who did Christopher Reeves base his Clark Kent character on?

· What’s up with the John C. Reilly roles?

· ‘You’ve been Munsoned!”

· Learn the perfect doormat for those who want to avoid doing housework.

· Learn the tree types of doormats.

· 70s grass doormat with/without a daisy?

· If there’s only 12 months, how does Joseph’s mother Mrs. Johnson have 14 different mats?

· Make sure that the dirt on the inside is different than the dirt on the outside.

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