Rebecca Coriam


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Rebecca Coriam, a crew member aboard the cruise ship, the Disney Wonder, vanished in 2011 and has never been found. 24-year-old Rebbeca or "Becks", as she was known to friends and family, disappeared on March 22nd, 2011. From the very beginning, the investigation seemed lacking including jurisdictional disputes on who should lead the investigation.

Join Mike and Morf as they discuss the disappearance of Rebecca Coriam. The ship had a lot of cameras and Rebecca was seen on CCTV footage early that morning. But not a single camera captured what happened to her. A search ensued but no sign of her was found. The Royal Bahamas Police was the investigating agency and their investigation has led many to question its thoroughness. Did Rebecca Coriam end her life, get swept overboard by a rogue wave, or was it a love triangle that led to murder?

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