Orsolya Gaal


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The body of wife and mother Orsolya Gaal was in April 2022 inside a rolling hockey bag in New York City. This case has received a lot of media attention due to video footage that showed a man rolling the bag down the street. Police discovered a trail of blood from the bag's location that led directly back to Orsolya's home. Inside they found a very bloody crime scene.

Join Mike and Morf as they discuss the murder of Orsolya Gaal. It didn't take the authorities long to focus on a man named David Bonola. Bonola was a handyman who had done work at the Gaal home. It also came out that Orsolya and David had some sort of relationship. He has reportedly said that he killed Orsolya because she refused to see him anymore but has also made statements that point to other motives. Bonola has been charged with 13 counts including murder but has not yet gone to trial.

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