Body Bags: Murder in Piedmont Park


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Discretion advised: Details in this report may be disturbing.

Katherine “Katie” Janness takes her dog, Bowie, for a late-night walk in the Midtown area of Atlanta. Janness stops at a local bar to say hello to her girlfriend, who's working. When Janness' girlfriend gets off work, no one is home, but should have been. After unanswered phone calls and texts, Emma Clark uses the 'find my phone' app, which leads her to a horrifying discovery. Just inside Atlanta's popular Piedmont Park, 40-year-old Katherine Janness has been brutally attacked, stabbed more than 50 times, and her body horrifically mutilated. Letters have been carved into her abdomen and the amount of blood present indicates, Janness may have still been alive when it happened.

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