EP21 | Karina Holmer, The Case That Haunts Boston with Emily Sweeney of the Boston Globe


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On the evening of June 21, 1996, 20-year-old Karina Holmer went with friends to her favorite Boston club to celebrate summer solstice - a big holiday in her homeland of Sweden. She was reported missing by friends and it was discovered that she was the woman found mutilated in the trash. Her gruesome murder remains unsolved. I want to change that.
I’ve been planning on doing this case for a long time. It has been at the top of my list of those that have most impacted me, one that troubles me. Her story is particularly sensitive because it remains unsolved.

June 22 marked 25 years since Karina was seen alive. She has been gone longer than she lived. I always remember her because June 22 is my birthday, and it was the summer before I started college in Boston. Karina's identity was pushed in the press as "The Swedish Nanny," she was the girl in the dumpster. It is a terrifying story.

Today, we are no closer to learning who did this and why. I’d settle for who. The why. Who knows. Motive is far less important now. We would like to know. Of course. But 25 years in, the likelihood that her case is cracked is slim.

June 22, 1996. The last time Karina Holmer was seen alive.
I want to see her case solved. And I have a plan to try.

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