EP14 | Kristen Crowley: An Unfathomable Death, Peabody, Massachusetts


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On the night of June 1, 1996, two ex-Marines and former roommates lied to their girlfriends and headed the local strip club where they spent hours drinking and propositioning dancers. Around 12am, when they failed to convince any of them to leave with them, they happened upon a stunning young woman named Kristen Crowley at a nearby convenience store. They were clearly confusing fantasy with reality. One of the men thought she looked just like one of the girls they'd seen at the club. Within one hour of her chance encounter with these two men, she was dead. This is the unfathomable story of the murder of Kristen Crowley.
Thank you to journalists JM Lawrence, Julie Manganis, Emily Sweeney for providing information about this story.
Music from Joe Kowalski and Andrew King appears in this episode.
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