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For most people, we see the articles on social media or news papers, that lead with a headline such as, “a body is found” and they list off the location where it was found. For most of us, it’s an intriguing article to read. What are the details? How did someone come across this? What happened? The headlines are obviously written in a way to get our attention, and it works. But, then there is the family members for missing people. Each of these articles that come out, each Facebook post that is shared, they see it, and their hearts begin beating faster and faster as they click on the link and wait for it to load. Because to them, it’s not just a story, it could be the answers that they need.
In 2013, Tiffany Whitton disappeared from a Walmart store, in a town outside of Atlanta, Georgia. There are plenty of questions and theories in this case.
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