How I built a six-figure social media marketing agency


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Confession time: I have never had a ‘real job’ - by that I mean, a full-time, post-grad, adult, work-for-someone-else job. Of course, I had many part-time jobs when I was a student from selling candles and lotions at the mall to waitressing at my hometown diner. But ever since I graduated in 2018, I dove straight into full-time freelance, and in the past nearly 5 years, I’ve grown a boutique social media marketing agency called Creatorly Media, that generates six figures in revenue. I’ll just be transparent, this was my first year passing $300,000 in sales, and while I know there are lots of gurus on social media bragging about making way more than that - I’m pretty proud of it. (Remember, that’s revenue - not take-home profit, or my salary)

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