Our Overly Activated Emotional Brain as a Highly Sensitive Person


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“Highly Sensitive People have particular brain differences that make us more susceptible to high stress, overwhelm and even anxiety.
“Thankfully there is a way to train your HSP brain so you can live your fullest life.”
Sensitivity expert Julie Bjelland, LMFT adds,
“What’s important to understand is…think of it as having two parts of your brain: there’s the emotional brain and there’s the cognitive brain. When the emotional brain is activated, the cognitive brain kind of goes to sleep.”
She adds, "We have an overly activated amygdala, for example, and that creates that fight flight freeze part where our brain doesn’t always understand that we’re not actually in danger so it sends out signals to to release adrenaline and that’s when we notice our heart racing."
Julie Bjelland notes, "Being an 'untrained HSP is really hard. I know because I used to struggle too. Before I knew about this trait of high sensitivity I walked around in the world feeling like my sensitivity was a weakness.
"I felt different and misunderstood, like there was something wrong with me. Now I get to live my life aligned in my center, feeling balanced and strong."
Julie Bjelland, LMFT is a psychotherapist, author, and founder of the online community, Sensitive Empowerment.
Visit her site to learn more about her course Brain-Training for the Highly Sensitive Person - "Techniques to Reduce Anxiety & Overwhelming Emotions."
Also see videos, audio podcasts and more about her online course in article Brain-Training To Help Highly Sensitive People Thrive.

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