Most people experience some trauma - Therapist Crystle Lampitt


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Crystle Lampitt is a mental health therapist and trauma specialist. The first part of this audio is from her video presentation "The myth of self-sabotage" for the Trauma Super Conference. The second audio is from her TED Talk "Sad, Sick, and Stuck: Rethinking Mental Health."
Lampitt notes most people are likely to experience some type of trauma in their lives, even without a major event like rape, war or ongoing abuse.
"If you have a history of being misattuned to or you live in an environment where you haven't felt safe because you perhaps are a part of a marginalized group or because of microaggressions that have been committed towards you that you've internalized and haven't even noticed...
"I mean there are any number of ways that we can learn to adapt to really problematic traumatizing conditions, not even realize it and then normalize it and think, I don't understand why I'm so anxious or sad or why I keep repeating certain patterns..."
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