How to Believe and Trust in Ourselves as a Highly Sensitive Person


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Healthy self-confidence can be an issue for anyone, of course, but may be especially challenging for us as a highly sensitive person.
Here are excerpts from the Show Notes for the original podcast episode with Julie Bjelland and Willow McIntosh:
We often hear how important it is that we believe in ourselves, yet what if we are struggling to make something happen? It is all too easy to slip into self-doubt and a spiral of negative beliefs.
One of the greatest resources we have as HSPs is our commitment to our growth and development. Also, our tenacity to pursue our personal evolution and what is most important to us in the world.
When it comes to believing and trusting ourselves there are some very useful tools and techniques we can use that help us to access this in any and all circumstances.
For instance, when we allow ourselves to look back over our lives we will see that have evolved and we have grown through many challenges.
There is a great deal of evidence of us finding a way and being successful. Even if those examples may not be to the degree we wanted, the evidence is there nonetheless.
In this episode, we take a look at why it is important not to be over-critical when we are in transition or doing our best to achieve something important.
Instead by recognizing the deeper truth of our ability we can access and develop a reliable source of trust and belief in ourselves.
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