Vampire Clients: How Freelancers Can Avoid the 8 Types of Bad Clients-70


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What is a vampire client (bad clients who "suck you dry") and how can you avoid them? Or are there no bad clients but only bad "systems" for managing those clients? (and let's be clear...we're not talking about brooding vampires with extra "sparkle" or annoyingly hot vampire brothers...) We're all with Team Jacob on this one.

Listen to this Creative Counsel podcast episode from Attorney for Creators Brittany Ratelle and learn all about vampire clients, red flags, and what you can avoid before, during, and after working with these nightmare clients to manage boundaries over your time, money, and energy.

This episode will help any done-for-your or service-based business (SBB) protect their most precious resource, their energy (yes, it's even more important than time), and make sure you are setting up your modern freelance business for success.

We'll also dish on my favorite legal and business process tips to set up clear collaborative contracts that establish healthy working relationships so that you can keep doing client work without hitting freelancer burnout.

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