Setback to Success: When a Booming Travel Business Meets Covid- 69


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Kylie Chenn, Founder of Acanela Expeditions, shares her story of growing her email list and strategically using promotions to build a booming $5 million dollar travel business, and then how that came to a crashing halt as the global COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down. Tune in to hear Kylie's secrets on how she worked hard and smart to turn an industry-wide shutdown into SEVERAL other successful businesses: a true setback to success story! Some of Kylie's Top Tips
  • Use email marketing
  • Don’t be afraid to start a new product – test it and if it takes off, spin it off to a new brand/channel, business, etc!
  • Fail fast
  • Don’t avoid HR issues – talk with team members early and often. Don’t avoid conflict!

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