How to quit stumbling over your words and actually tell people what you do with StoryBrand consultant Macy Robison - 60


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Have you ever felt that panicky feeling when someone asks you what you "do"? Or spewed such a giant word vomit on them that you yourself got lost on what you ACTUALLY do to make money, let alone help people? Enter Macy Robison, StoryBrand Guide certified expert and marketing professional who helps creatives, influencers, and all-around multi-passionate people and helps them tell EXACTLY what they do so they can clearly articulate in ONE sentence who they are and who they serve.

In this episode of Creative Counsel, you will learn:

  • who is the guide and why it's important
  • what you need in the upper right-hand corner of your website
  • what kind of customer call to action you need (regardless of what you sell or how you make your money)
  • how to be a magnetic brand and why it's important
  • how to craft an impressive elevator pitch
  • why creatives struggle with describing what they "do" and how to fix it
  • +++MORE!!!

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