How to Make Money as a Content Creator Without "Selling Out" - 30


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Likes, follows, and DMs don't actually pay the bills -- so how do people actually "make money" from creating content -- as a blogger, vLogger, Instagrammer, influencer, or other type of content creator? And what tips and tricks can help you diversify your income, monetize your talents AND not alienate the followers you have come to love and appreciate. This episode shares eight ways content creators make their money and tackles some mindshift blocks that may be keeping you from adding them to your business model.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • the most common way content creators make money from their stuff
  • what the "golden percentage" of paid content really is
  • how you should approach OTHER people and their sponsored content
  • what the heck #sponsored really means and if you need to put it in a caption
  • what legal tips you need to keep in mind for monetization strategies


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