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This special Part 2 segment in a new series about Business Legal Systems -- the bedrock business and legal foundations you need to address when building your modern business. (listen to part 1 - Where do I start, Episode 34 HERE). If you have been wondering what you need to do for a step-by-step process to get legit -- then you have FOUND it. This concise walkthrough is a DIY legal audit that tells you exactly what you check on your own website so that your site is an asset and not a liability for your creative business. Brittany Ratelle, attorney for creative entrepreneurs, believes in cute office supplies AND solid contracts, will give you some legal tips and tricks so that you can protect your creative business without breaking the bank, or your sanity.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Do I really need a privacy policy? And what should it cover?
  • Why do I need website Terms (or is it website term of use? or terms and conditions? HELP!! --- I GOT you)
  • What needs to be in your footer?
  • What exactly does a copyright notice do? And what should it look like?
  • What is a website disclaimer and how do I know if I might need one for my content/offerings?
  • What happens if I don't use FTC disclaimers?
  • How do I disclose affiliate links?
  • When do I need to use #ad or #sponsored?
  • Is it okay to use someone's photo if I credit them?
  • How can I make my site more accessible?


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