Growing a Successful Creative Business with Shea Mcgee of Studio Mcgee


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Listen in to this rocketing designer who has built a design company with more than 30 employees in just three years. Shea McGee of Studio Mcgee interior design firm and Mcgee & Co. store shares her story of getting started in the design world, despite lacking a degree in interior design. She talks about bringing on her spouse to scale her business and how approaching a creative business with fresh eyes can do more than create a killer "before" and "after" shot. Dig into the lessons she has learned while building her incredibly successful business and get her advice that ALL creative entrepreneurs can use to help grow and scale their businesses.

You will learn:

  • what people really said when she got started
  • her first hire
  • the realities of working with your spouse
  • the 3 tips for finding the best new hires for your creative business
  • the challenges of growing quickly
  • what role legal should play in a client-based business
  • their content strategy in creating their successful YouTube series
  • how you should treat your first profits from your business
  • transitioning from e-commerce to a brick-and-mortar store

And MANY more gems.

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