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When Elle Rowley of Solly Baby created her first product it was out of necessity. She had one little one and another on the way. While she enjoyed wearing her oldest in a baby carrier, she was looking to find a different product to use because of the tension headaches she got using her store-bought carrier. She ended up sewing her own wrap, fell in love with the experience, and never looked back. (**sidenote...I have worn several of my babies in her wraps and they are WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!)

Elle has grown Solly Baby, formerly lulu WRAP, from a small Etsy shop to a multi-million-dollar business. You read that right... multi-million! But, she didn't set out to grow a huge company. Her intention was to make money doing something she loved and cared about, that added value to the world, all while being able to stay at home.

If you are struggling to believe in and bet on yourself and your business, this is the episode for you! Elle shares some really valuable tips on how to get your business up and running and then maintain it as it grows.

In this episode, you will learn:

• Why it's so important to test what market is best for you to sell in. (Just wait until you hear Elle's story about the Christmas show!) • The importance of betting on yourself • How Elle was able to bring her husband onboard and why defined roles are so important when working with your spouse • The #1 best thing that Elle and her Solly Baby team did to help define roles and structure the organization. • What you should look for when you make your first hire • The importance of storytelling in growing your brand • How Solly Baby deals with copycats


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Building a Story Brand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen by Donald Miller

Myers Briggs Consulting

QUOTES "Number one bad idea is to wait a few years to trademark the name. Such a bad idea." "I decided to get out there and talk to people, get it online, get it in person, get it in boutiques, and just see what sticks. See what's really going to be the right platform for us. Which I really do suggest to other brands as well when starting out. You just assume this one platform is going to be the way, but you just don't know until you've failed a bunch." "I'm betting on me this year." "You just decide. And, when that fear comes, you just decide it again and again and again. I'm feeling some fear, but I'm still betting on me and moving forward." "For those first hires, don't get someone who is a specialist in a certain area. Don't get the expert. Get the hustler that can do a lot of different things." "Don't give in to the drama of it." "If there's legal action to take, and it's worth taking... then take those steps."

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