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So how exactly do you run your business in the time of Covid and quarantines, masks and mandates, policy and personal protection equipment? This podcast episode will dive into the best tips about navigating the dynamic landscape of trying to run a small business during a pandemic.

You will learn:

  • What websites should I be checking
  • What to say and what NOT to say
  • What are the reasonable measures for protecting my team? My customers?
  • How can I open in-person
  • What plans do I need to have in place
  • How can I make remote work safer
  • What kind of liability do I have if someone gets sick
  • Where can I get help with cashflow
  • How can I pivot
  • ++ Top resources for small business owners



CDC - employers

CDC - small business

US Chamber of Commerce

Covid HR templates/legal forms


Event release (with updated COVID language)


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