Building an Engaged Community with Andrea Faulkner Williams of Tubby Todd - 23


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Want to have die-hard fans for your brand? Listen in to this interview with Andrea Williams, co-founder of Tubby Todd, an all-natural bath products company that believes in good, clean fun for the whole family. Andrea gives a behind-the-scenes look at her entrepreneurial journey, from product development to getting those few bottles in the hands of the right influencers, to quitting her husband from his job to jump all-in, to bringing on investors in the company so it can sustainably grow. She gives us four tips to build a SUPER DUPER engaged community as she has with her amazing Tubby Todd Mamas group. Andrea is a mama of three, author of two books, and a firecracker entrepreneur who loves to support mothers in all of their different and beautiful paths.

In this episode you will learn:

  • some tips on working with your spouse
  • how to find your "why" for your business -- and why it is much more important than a snazzy buzzword for your brand development
  • how to overcome guilt about how you are spending your time -- with your family or with your business
  • her killer 4 TIPS to creating an engaged community that will rally around your brand!
  • What you should and SHOULD not apologize for as a female business owner

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