Episode 371: Thank you Veterans for your service. Enjoy the music of Rhinna Julian vaughn, DVSN, Karla Lea,l NILS and more!


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Great music just goes along with any celebration. Or those occasions when music is the best part of the situation. Creative Colorful People are sure you'll enjoy the sounds of Al Jarreau, NILS, Lisa Addeo, Merlon Devine featuring Nick Smith, Ayra Starr and Lojay, Julian Vaughn with Steve Cole and Michael Fields Jr. Featuring Fred Smith. there's new music from Jasmine Sullivan, Anita Baker, Everette B. Walters, DVSN, Justin Klunk featuring David Benoit, George Benson, Karla Leal, Rihanna, and Terrance Richburg. We close it out with the music of Collective Groove Band featuring Marcel Anderson, Landon Thomas, Rebecca Jade, Pip Millett, Antonio Adolfo, and Dianne Reeves. Thank you for your service and enjoy.
Check out the what's to do from Tony Lewis, and commentary from Val Jones and TC Rogers. Thank you for listening and for sharing with family and friends. Take care of yourself, look out for your brothers and sisters and God will look out for you all.
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