1900: Rollo Tomassi: The Rational Male & the Alpha Female


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Jason Hartman and Rollo Tomassi, author of The Rational Male series, tackle some very important and highly sensitive issues facing our society today regarding relationships between men and women, dating, the sexual marketplace, marriage and family. There’s no doubt that men and women are better together than apart, yet society tells us something very different.

Marriage rates are at an all time low and can be traced back to the sexual revolution. Increasingly, we are teaching women to be strong and independent which is great for corporate interests, but is it really best for personal happiness and life satisfaction?

Rollo explores what the sexual marketplace looks like when women are the ones who are deciding what is correct and what is not correct. It's now common to hear people say: "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle," but is this extremism the answer? Have we fallen victim to social institutions and their narratives around family, dating and relationships?

Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

0:00 Jason Hartman welcomes Rollo Tomassi, American author, Youtube personality and podcaster better known for his book series The Rational Male to The Creating Wealth Show

3:37 Financial implications of relationships

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Rollo Tomassi interview

9:34 Welcome Rollo Tomassi, author of The Rational Male series

11:35 Social institutions and social narratives around the family

14:59 The difference between men and women in power

17:25 Alpha females in the workplace

19:22 Women tend to have more of a collectivist mindset

21:44 Organizing society: men vs women

27:33 Men and women mature at different rates

29:51 What men find attractive vs what women find attractive

31:43 Men and women in Western societies have been getting married later and later in life

34:29 Maternity leave vs abortion

36:47 No such thing as an alpha female

39:43 Men, women and money

43:03 Criteria & dating apps

49:34 What is the probability of meeting a person with all your preferences?

55:00 Approximately 2.85% of people will meet your standards

56:02 Maximize your chances or lower your standards

58:39 Robert Greene and The 33 Strategies of War

59:54 It's not in a women's biological and evolutionary best interest to take a guy who is substandard

1:02:59 What is hypergamy?

1:04:10 Alpha males vs beta males

1:09:05 Male mating strategy vs female mating strategy

1:11:12 Find Rollo Tomassi at TheRationalMale.com

1:16:11 Going from the club dating scene to dating via apps and social media

1:19:04 If Harvey Weinstein looked like Brad Pitt, would there be a problem?

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