1828: Mortgage Rates, Unfunded Mandates & Laurence Kotlikoff's Secrets To More Money


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Tangent alert right off the bat! Coco must have been a cow in her past life because she moos like one!

Today, Jason welcomes economist Laurence Kotlikoff as they talk about the US government's $220 TRILLION debt, it's UNFUNDED mandates and the consequences it will have on our economy. Watch Jason's video interview HERE. But don't tell Laurence he went to a Trump rally in Mar-a-Lago, and that he got to shake hands with "the Donald!"

Jason then shares a chart showing the history of inflation rates versus mortgage rates.

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Key Takeaways:

Jason's editorial

1:54 Introducing today's guest, Laurence Kotlikoff

4:17 Mar-a-Lago event

6:32 Mortgage interest rate prediction

10:40 Raffle winners

12:12 A massive shortage of conspiracy theories

13:43 Monthly supply of houses in the US

Laurence Kotlikoff Interview

17:05 Welcome Laurence Kotlokoff

18:02 What are unfunded mandates?

19:14 Official and unofficial liabilities, Debt vs GDP

21:41 We need a sizable tax hike to fund social security benefits

24:31 Tax brackets and government benefit programs

26:07 Could we fix the system with healthcare reform?

32:36 Money printing puts pressure on prices

36:08 Russia/Ukraine, China/Taiwan - what do these conflicts mean for the economy?

38:35 The humanitarian and economic consequences of war

40:12 Stock market risk, and tips from Kotlikoff's new book: Money Magic

42:26 Don't borrow for college: it's a scam

45:21 Strategies to protect yourself in times of uncertainty

47:12 Find Laurence at Kotlikoff.net and final thoughts on Russia/Ukraine conflict

48:39 Government borrowing rates

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