1768: Investor Case Study $554 per hour, Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad & Equity Stripping


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Today we have a case study investor, Winston Templet. He is a member of both the Empowered Investor Inner Circle and The Collective Mastermind. He is a real estate investor with an amazing and very inspiring "rags to riches" story. He also has a unique way of calculating his ROI on his portfolio which he shares with us today.

As Jason has taught before, income property is a multi-dimensional asset class which can make you money in so many ways such as rent, depreciation tax benefits, leverage, equity build up through mortgage pay down, inflation induced debt destruction. But today Winston shares how much he's making through just one metric- appreciation.

But not only does Winston share how he calculates his ROI but he also shares a part of his life story and the hard lessons he's learned to hopefully inspire, motivate and encourage you in your real estate journey.

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Key Takeaways:

Jason’s editorial:

[1:28] Introduction

[3:27] He didn't have a head start

[3:52] Earning $550 per hour from just one metric- appreciation

[4:32] A little secret

[4:58] Jason's sample calculation

[6:16] A bogus metric- Return on Equity

[7:58] An amazing year in real estate

[10:05] Don't underestimate what you can do in 5 years

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Winston Templet Interview:

[14:00] Meet Winston

[16:10] The rags before the riches

[17:54] Building a business with sacrifice

[20:25] My first trailer park

[22:02] Investing in yourself

[23:27] Learning to read the Bible at age 30

[24:24] Great lessons learned

[26:57] Joining Rich Dad and engaging in the Empowered Investor Inner Circle & The Collective Mastermind

[28:56] Buying an entire neighborhood

[29:29] ROI Spreadsheet from one metric alone- appreciation

[33:45] Making $1,100 after dinner

[34:21] Put that TV remote down!

[37:28] Forecast appreciation of 17%- 15¢ per second

[39:43] A personal message

[41:54] Giving back to our community






If people invest in themselves, it will pay back tenfold easy- Winston Templet

The most expensive education we will ever get, is from the real world- Jason Hartman

Learn from the mistakes of others- Jason Hartman

A big key to success is the willingness to delay gratification- Jason Hartman

The most dangerous moment comes with victory- Napoleon Bonaparte

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