1765: Radical Rent Control, Limited Housing Supply, Inflation & Universal Basic Income and Mobility, Rittenhouse Trial, Corporate Profits Soar By Promoting Hate, Best Investment Strategy


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Welcome to the Jungle! Reality always surpasses imagination and it's wild out there! Jason breaks down what is happening out there today in the jungle: Reason Magazine reports how developers in St. Paul Minnesota halt projects and the mayor demands reform after voters approve a radical rent control ballot initiative; if there's no exemption for new construction, of course they stop building! More dollars than ever are chasing a limited supply of housing inventory. Homes now typically sell within a week and this is forcing buyers to take risks. Universal Basic Income (UBI) proposals have gone even further with the Universal Basic Mobility proposal (UBM), while the rich greenwash their environmental sins by buying carbon credits. The news media profits by getting us to hate each other and today, with the resolution of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the country is primed to explode. The powers that be are now trying to convince us that inflation is a good thing, but how can we fight back? Jason's inflation induced debt destruction strategy will help you counteract this madness! Learn more at www.JasonHartman.com.

Key Takeaways:

[1:22] Introduction to the Craziness

[1:45] Radical Rent Control

[4:30] Financial Repression: Savers are Losers

[6:04] WTF1971.com

[9:49] Don't Steal- the Government Hates Competition

[11:08] Further Out on the Risk Curve

[12:11] UBI and UBM; Let's Go Brandon!

[14:54] Spin Doctor, Spin! Inflation is Good for the Common Man!

[16:52] Universal Basic Mobility and the Green Washing Scam

[21:37] Free Bus Passes!

[22:57] "As America falls apart, profit soar" - Matt Taibbi

[31:54] "Nobility Obligates"

[33:46] The Most Historically Proven Wealth Creator


There is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program- Milton Friedman

You cannot solve every problem by printing money- Jason Hartman

As America falls apart, profit soar - Matt Taibbi

Borrow at negative interest rates, get inflation induced debt destruction; it's a phenomenal opportunity!- Jason Hartman

Website and Mentions:

Developers Halt Projects...


Hate Inc.: Why Today’s Media Makes Us Despise One Another by Matt Taibbi



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