Can Culture Compete with Compensation?


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In today’s corporate landscape, it is hard to fill jobs. Many leaders ask how to make their companies a desirable place to work, especially if you don’t have direct control over what you can pay.

Today, you have to give more than a payday or a salary to get people to come and work for you. When considering how to make your company competitive in the employment pond, ask yourself what else can you offer potential employees? Treating people with appreciation, recognition, and encouragement can be a difference-maker. Providing a clear path for development adds to an environment that communicates value. The environment has a lot of staying power for you.

People can get a paycheck anywhere, so you need to offer more. Once you hire someone, connect with them, involve them. Help your employees know they matter. Show them that they are valued and that you care for them. You have to be intentional about sending that message. This will help cultivate an environment that grows committed employees.

As a leader, you have a lot to do with the environment you work in. Appreciation comes in many ways, and it reinforces what has been done well and makes your team want to do more of it. You may not always be able to pay more, but you can give more. More recognition, more commitment.

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