CPL 20 - The Living Art of Storytelling and the Co-Creative Exchange


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Tracy Chipman, Professional Storyteller, invites us to embrace this ancient practice to lead more fulfilled lives.

What if we humans could learn to listen with more than our ears? Today's guest, Tracy Chipman, has been practicing her storytelling craft for 23 years and she believes we can. She shares that a teller needs a listener and a listener, a teller. Want to know how to be an active listener? Listen in as Tracy shares what she calls the defining feature. She introduces us to active imagining, too, and invites us into the co-creative practice. Wondering where the stories come from, or how you might receive one? Keep listening. Is there a difference between reading the written word and storytelling? Yes, and you'll delight in listening to Tracy share how she discovered this truth. Curious about becoming a storyteller? Tracy shares her path and her current projects. There is something about storytelling that "lights me up like a Christmas tree," Tracy says. Stick with us 'til the very end to smile along with us. We can't wait for Tracy to join us again with her special surprise! +-----------------+

GUEST PROFILE: Tracy Chipman stepped onto the path of Storyteller under an Oregon hazel tree twenty years ago and has never looked back. She believes that storytelling fosters deeper listening, more meaningful connections with the human (and more than human) world. Join Tracy in her storytelling circle. RESOURCES: Tracy's website HOST PROFILE: Nanette Saylor, Creativity Coach + Possibility Partner, Author, Speaker, Access BARS© Practitioner, Wise Well Women, Inc. An early adopter of Creativity Coaching, Nanette has distinguished herself as a thought-leader among curious creatives. She has curated a growing collection of free-spirited allies who make fun featured guests adding their unique stories to the conversation. She delights in having connection conversations known as Virtual Coffee. Schedule with Nanette at ChatWithNanette.com or WiseWellWomen.com. Curious about something and wish we'd add it to the conversations? Questions? Send an email to nanette@wisewellwomen.com. Join other like-spirited creatives in the Conscious Creators Cafe on Facebook. For more, visit CreatePlayLive.com. Like what you hear? Please subscribe and share. Need help crafting a practice, process or ritual for your creative experience? Connect with Nanette here: http://chatwithnanette.com

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