CPL 11 - Recollect Better - Curiosity Creates a Feed for Feels


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Listen as she shares how the past three years have set her on this course and how she mustered the courage to be an artist after a 20 year hiatus, beginning her entrepreneurial journey. If you're a recovering perfectionist, you'll enjoy Amy's story of the night she created her Progress Maps and how she manages to outwit her "Clever Brain." A prolific creator, Amy shares how her experience as a teacher and a coach fueled her frustration with what she calls "one-way conversations" in social media and the limits of individual coaching sessions. Seeing the opportunity in today's technology to create something that could help many more people remember who they are, connect to what is true, and consciously make choices from love, she envisioned an app-based solution she now calls Recollect. Be sure to listen through to the end to enjoy the celebration of this first public invitation to join Amy in her vision. Are you an early adopter and embracer of collective, collaborative projects ready to be a Founding Member? Or, always wanted to be an app beta tester? Here's your chance!

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