CPL 09 - Stop Shoulding on Yourself - Let Art Come Through


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Melanie Berry, Informaticist, Tech Guru, Change Manager and Artist, shares how not caring and painting "nothing" led her to stand aside to let art come through and claim herself as an Artist.

What happens when a tech guru spends 18 months in a hotel room learning to watercolor fruit by watching youtube videos? She discovers that she is an acrylic painter who loves neon! Today's guest, Melanie Berry, shares that "at some point we allow ourselves to let go." "I'm learning to be in control of being out of control." she shares. "I'm old", she added, "and I am gonna say what I wanna say and do what I want to do - even if it freaks me out!" Would you ever cut up your paintings? Melanie does! Is it possible to paint "nothing"? Melanie does! Can you really paint 6 things at once? Melanie does! Or for only 6 minutes? Melanie does! Listen in as Melanie introduces us to the art teacher who taught her that no creation is precious and how that allowed her to claim herself as an Artist. She shares her favorite Prayer of Protection, music to create by and quotes to inspire, too - you'll want to listen 'til the end and write these down, for sure!

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+-----------------+ GUEST PROFILE: Melanie Berry Co-Author, Journey To The Stage, Chapter: "My Recipes for Life ~ Keep Stirring the Pot" Watch for her memoir/cookbook due Spring 2019. Also coming soon: MelanieBerryArt.com HOST PROFILE: Nanette Saylor, Creativity Coach + Possibility Partner, Author, Speaker, Access BARS© Practitioner, Wise Well Women, Inc. RESOURCES: Music: Sergio Mendez, Black Eyed Peas + Will I Am Favorite Uplifting Song: This Girl is on Fire by Alicia Keyes Albert Einstein Quote: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." Favorite Art Teacher: Flora Bowley Prayer for Protection by James Dillet Freeman: The Light of God surrounds me The Love of God enfold me The Power of God protects me Presence of God watches over me Wherever I am, God is!

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