CPL 08 - The Making of a Podcast Episode


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What does it take for creatives to push through and get projects done? Host Nanette Saylor shares today's adventure in the world of podcasting and invites you to wander into her zone of genius - from her closet! Listen in as she talks through the process from inspiration to completed episode, asking the question "What else is possible?". Is there a script and a plan? "More magic happens in the spaces between the plans," she says, especially since nothing went as planned! And what about practice? It's something new. Wondering why she calls creating this podcast selfish? Don't miss hearing her share her deepest hope and what she sees as a creative's job in the conscious collective.

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HOST PROFILE: Nanette Saylor, Creativity Coach + Possibility Partner, Author, Speaker, Access BARS© Practitioner, Wise Well Women, Inc. An early adopter of Creativity Coaching, Nanette has distinguished herself as a thought-leader among curious creatives. She has curated a growing collection of free spirited allies who make fun featured guests adding their unique stories of nurturing their creativity and curiosity to the conversation. She delights in having connection conversations known as Virtual Coffee. Schedule with Nanette at ChatWithNanette.com or WiseWellWomen.com.

RESOURCES: Julia Cameron, Author, The Artist's Way Definition: Stick-to-it-iveness Podcast Support: Jaime Legagneur, FlintStoneMedia, LLC

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