CPL 07 - Transforming Spaces


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What happens when we live our lives at the edge of the next question? Exploring the connection between material and its transformational aspect has been guest, Judith Tamarah's, life work. Having earned a Masters Degree in Interior Architecture and Certification in Design Psychology, Judith shares how she supports entrepreneurs and artists to create deeply nurturing offices and studios that look--and feel--like Who You Really Are.

Wondering what questions Judith is asking right now? Listen in as she speaks to how our soul and our essence are expressed and how its possible to create an environment that allows people to be more of themselves. What materials might you choose? When we integrate intellectual, psychological, and spiritual aspects of space, what might blossom? And how do we block our essence in spaces? Might you be recreating an environment of your past? Allow Judith to invite you to give attention to the growth of your essence and your power! Curious about something and wish we'd add it to the conversations? Questions? Send an email to nanette@wisewellwomen.com. Join other like-spirited creatives in the Conscious Creators Cafe on Facebook. For more, visit CreatePlayLive.com. Like what you hear? Please subscribe and share. +-----------------+ GUEST PROFILE: Judith Tamarah, Masters Degree in Interior Architecture at the University of Oregon and Certified in Design Psychology. Accept Judith's invitation to take a complimentary look at what's "feeling off" about your space in her 30 minute Fresh Look session. HOST PROFILE: Nanette Saylor, Creativity Coach + Possibility Partner, Author, Speaker, Access BARS© Practitioner, Wise Well Women, Inc. RESOURCES: "In Search of Our Mother's Gardens" by Alice Walker Ayurveda Self Massage - Abhyanga

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