Ep 12 - Can Venting About Work Ruin Your Relationship? w/ Raven Shamballa


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Do you vent to your partner or to other close relationships in your life about work? You may think this is harmless. After all, you’re just letting off some steam but it could have a long term affect on your relationship.

Raven Shamballa is a Master Energy Healer, a spiritual counselor and senior yoga teacher for over 25 years. She holds a master’s degree in counseling and is formerly a marriage and family therapist. She has a unique perspective on psychological disorders and believes that clearing the energy body of discordant energy can heal most psychological ailments. Raven has authored four books and her most notable title is the 100 Chakra System, An Introduction to Negative Energy Release Work.

The 100 Chakra System book describes an expanded perception of the energy body up to 100 Chakras, and discusses different types of negative energies that can invade the chakra system. Her other titles are 10 Cosmic Dimension, A Spiritual Guidebook to Ascension, 3 Pendulum Languages, and 7 Primary Chakra System.

Join Amy and Raven in this episode as they delve into how bringing your work home can affect personal relationships.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to make the shift from the workplace to home life at the end of the day
  • Why you should limit how long you vent to your partner
  • How leaders can reframe employee complaints into a more positive conversation
  • How to eliminate toxic workplace energy

Quote from the show - ‘‘Keep venting to 15 to 20 minutes. And if you need to vent longer than that, seriously, find a life coach and save your partner because what is it your partner wants? They want the beautiful person they fell in love with. They want the beautiful side of them. They know that work is challenging and they want them to release that, but they cannot be the only vehicle of release. That will end up destroying a relationship.’’

About the host:

Amy Lynn Durham is the Founder of Create Magic At Work™ and a Spiritual Intelligence Coach.

Amy has spent years in the corporate world successfully managing hundreds of employees for private and publicly traded companies. Amy designed Create Magic At Work™ to bring a variety of services and strategies to aid in supporting healthy leaders & workplaces through:

  • Private Coaching - 3 month 1:1 Spiritual Intelligence Experiences
  • Speaking Internationally about Ways to Support & Create Healthy Workplace Cultures
  • Experiential Workshops & Keynotes

In her spare time, you can find her spending time with her Cavapoo Mr. Bingley, journaling, doing yoga or trying to master stand up paddle boarding with her boyfriend.

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