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Comedy interviews are great, but they never ask the really juicy questions: how much is your rent? How do you have sex? What's that weird trait you find attractive in potential partners that other people find bizarre? You wanna know! And we don't blame you. Enter CRAZY HOT, a podcast hosted by Eileen (Aries) and Lauren (Virgo), two hotness experts and chronic over sharers six years into our overnight success as NYC comedians, featuring interviews with the world's hottest funny people (and our own close family members) about what makes them hot, and getting the dirt on their personal lives by probing them with intrusive questions that everyone else is too respectful and polite to ask. Not us! End each episode feeling amazing about yourself as we always remind you: you're hot as f*ck. To get our objectively correct advice on your relationship problems or to confess that you have a crush on us, email us at

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