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Welcome to Crawlspace, a true crime podcast brought to you by Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna, the producers and hosts of the Missing Maura Murray and Missing podcasts. Crawlspace is where crime meets culture. On occasion, Tim & Lance are joined by Jennifer Amell who originally brought her investigation of Suitcase Jane Doe to the show and since has worked closely with them on a number of other cold cases. Since Crawlspace’s inception in 2017, an incredible number of guests have contributed a strong voice to the constant conversation: Want to know why all mass shooters are perpetrators of domestic violence? Listen to Professor Elizabeth Yardley. Remember when a man named Jeff Doucet was shot and killed by a man named Gary Plauche on live tv? Tim and Lance - along with friend Chris Duett - have a fascinating conversation with Gary’s son Jody who was kidnapped and assaulted by Doucet. Rabia Chadry, a member of Adnon Syed’s legal team and fellow podcaster joins to discuss ethics in the true crime media. Ever questioned why Black History only gets one month, the shortest one? Journalist Femi Redwood joins to break down some Black History facts. London journalist, writer, illustrator and music editor James McMahon has a good time coming on to rant and provide his unique perspective on a number of topics. If you’re unsure whether David Berkowitz committed all of the Son of Sam murders, perhaps hearing what survivor Carl DiNaro has to say will cause you to view that story through a different lens. What’s it like to tell the story of The Golden State Killer through the words of Michelle McNamara? Narrator and author Gabra Zackman did just that and gives her perspective after voicing Michelle’s book, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark. If you’re a crime data geek, you’ll love the episodes with Murder Accountability founding board member, author, criminologist & professor, Michael Arntfeld. Jason Flom (Lava For Good and Wrongful Convictions), Pulitzer Prize winners Maggie Freleng & Suave Gonzalez have joined on separate occasions to talk about wrongful convictions and much more. Relating to wrongful convictions, Crawlspace has extensive coverage on John Giuca, wrongfully incarcerated in 2003 for the murder of Mark Fisher. They have spoken with John’s mother, Doreen Quinn Giuliano, John’s lawyer Mark Bederow and John Giuca advocate, Holt McCallany (from Netflix’s Mind Hunter). They also like to apply a bit of levity from time to time and hang with peers and friends in the industry. Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle of True Crime Obsessed and Obsessed Fest, Larry Mullins of Your Weirdest Fears, John Lordan of Brainscratch, Jordan Bonaparte of Night Time, Mike “Morf” Morford of Scene of the Crime, Zodiac Speaking & Murder in My Family, Ellyn Marsh and Christopher Walker of Obsessed with Disappeared, Bob Ruff of Truth and Justice, are just a handful of the Crawlspace friends. For fans of the true crime community, you’ll love the episodes where the organizers of CrimeCon pull up a seat to talk about the inside baseball of planning such a huge event. Tim, Lance & Jenn love speaking to authors in multiple genres. Gary Lachman is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the original guitarist for the legendary band Blondie. He transitioned from musician to a successful author, specializing in the occult and the esoteric and has become a recurring guest. One of the most terrifying conversations happened when LaDonna Humphrey & Alecia Lockhart joined to speak about the dark world of death fetish. Mitch Horowitz spread his positivity and Kerrie Droban spoke about her undercover work with motorcycle gangs and her collaboration with the former psychiatrist of James Holmes, the Aurora movie theater shooter. Explore the Crawlspace, there is something for everyone. Crawlspace is a Glassbox Media & Crawlspace Media production.

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