How shame causes us to control food w/ therapist @Noor_pinna


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"Shame is this prison that you stay in because it’s so comfortable even though it’s so horrible, because you don’t know how to free yourself."

Noor Pinna, Therapist

Noor Pinna is a Mental Health therapist turned Transformative mindset coach. She helps women heal from inner child wounds, shame, and create confidence for self compassion. She migrated from Pakistan to the US and is passionate about helping you unblock the barriers to your dreams and take away the shame that holds you back.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • When shame is so unbearable, we gravitate towards what we can control (food, body, etc)
  • Good and bad coping – it’s just you trying to take care of yourself the only you know how in that moment
  • Shame as an immigrant/child of immigrants
  • You’re ok when you decide you’re ok
  • Feeling worthy of being healed

No one is judging me but me.

Noor Pinna, Therapist

You can find more of Noor on IG @noor_pinna and her Facebook group Resilient Mindset and her website


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