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Episode Summary

In this episode, Julie discusses what it’s like to try and balance her career as a high school teacher and her writing. She talks about how she frequently injects things that she loves from her real life into her writing as well as how she had to adjust to Covid.


  • Julie lives in Canada.
  • She writes romance, romantic comedy, and contemporary romance.
  • Julie enjoys teaching high school.
  • Julie pulls from her real life for much of what she writes.
  • Julie uses her summers off to write as much as possible.
  • Teaching is demanding and it can be difficult to find time to write.
  • Julie likes to write in bed.
  • Julie likes to use Discord and a writer bot to help her keep focused.
  • Covid gave many writers more time, but it took a while for Julie to optimize her schedule around that time.
  • Describing things is a challenge for Julie.
  • Julie got her start writing fan fiction.
  • Peanut butter is Julies favorite food.

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