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Episode Summary

In this episode, Carlyle discusses her inspiration for writing, how she manages her schedule around her busy family life, and why she loves fiction writing.


  • When on safari with her family she was inspired by a tree, and she started writing poetry.
  • When she was young, she wrote in her diary religiously.
  • Carlyle wrote her first book in 4 weeks.
  • Carlyle has a writing room that was recently renovated.
  • She can write anywhere if needed but she prefers to be in clean, modern, and pretty space.
  • Coffee is a requirement when she writes, and she enjoys a double espresso.
  • When not writing she loves swimming. When she has writers block, she will swim.
  • Carlyle writes when she can fit it in while managing the family schedule.
  • There are 2 family dogs that sometimes inspire non dog characters in her writing.
  • Carlyle was inspired by a book that she read in school. Child in Darkness inspired her to write science fiction.
  • She brought African elements into her science fiction writing.
  • Carlyle needs a deadline even though she isn’t the best at meeting them.
  • If Carlyle was casting for her book, she would choose Jensen Ackles as the lead.

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