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Episode Summary

In this episode, Alexandra discusses how she balances her career as a professor with her love of writing. She discusses her love of kids and why she includes them in many of her stories. She talks about her love of action movies and how they can influence her writing.


  • Most of Alexandra’s novel are interracial romance.
  • Her day job is a college professor.
  • Alexandra’s favorite place to write is in her office.
  • She has a bowl of fidgets in her office that helps her while she is working.
  • In her spare time Alexandra enjoys reading, taking walks, and going for a drive while listening to audiobooks.
  • She loves kids and often includes children in her story.
  • The Brotherhood of the Rose changed how Alexandra viewed the world.
  • Alexandra loves action movies, and her writing is influenced by them.
  • She is currently binge-watching Yellowstone.
  • Her advice is to write any story ideas down so that you do not forget them.
  • Alexandra keeps a journal book for each story.
  • If she could cast her characters she would pick The Mandalorian as the hero and Halle Berry as the heroin.

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