Batch282: Healthy Beers and Hoppy Home-brews


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Are you a lover of advent calendars and homebrew?
Chris Braaten, the host of I Like to Like Things, stops by to share his homebrew with Coley and Greg. The crew also talks about their love (and hate) of advent calendars, falling in love with brewing beer, staying drunk in Green Bay, and getting healthy with beer!
Coley kicks off the hydration with Bistro Grande Mango Cotton Candy, a fruited Berliner Weisse from Energy City Brewing. Greg is drinking a homebrew from listener Andrew.
Greg and Chris talk about the I Like to Like Things podcast and being forced to homebrew, thanks to Greg. Chris then reviews the beer he made, a hefeweizen, and talks about the process involved. Finally, Andrew gets a hold of his Finnish friend to get the group some info from their biggest fans.
Chew Your Beer leaves a voicemail to call out Flex on his protein intake and gives Greg some flack for his claims about milk.
California is making things weird with this week’s Ludicrous Libation Law.
Heineken is being sued for lying about their zero alcohol claims. In addition, a Green Bay man is sentenced to five years in prison for over 15 DUIs. And some good news for the people of Ohio.
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