#14: PGA Show Panel (featuring CapTech, aboutGOLF and Concert Golf)


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Much like Lebron in 2010, CRS decided to take it’s talents to South Beach…well, not quite. But we did land in Orlando for the PGA Show! We had an interesting panel of 3 guests, and covered a lot of ground. Specifically, you'll hear from: (1) Jon Bradway of Captech, a technology consulting firm that recently signed a marquee partnership with the PGA of America, (2) Ken Reynolds of aboutGOLF Simulators and (3) Matthew Hobbins of Concert Golf Partners, an owner-operator of over 25 upscale clubs nationwide. We know you'll enjoy their perspectives on what's hot in the game right now and how their companies are making bold bets for the future of golf. After the interview, Dan and Roberto debrief on their main takeaways of the conversation and whether some of their predictions for 2022 (see Episode #13) are more bullish or bearish after hearing from insiders. Please subscribe, write a review for the show and recommend it to a friend. Your support goes a long way in helping us bring more content like this to you.

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