Family Adventure: Year-long RV Trip Across the Americas


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Ever dream of getting away from it? Learn how to prepare and plan your own adventure as Mike shares how he and his wife took their family on an RV trip across the Americas!

Family Adventure: How to Plan for an Epic RV Trip

We've been talking in a series of episodes about travel all this month- how to plan these different types of trips for your family that you'll enjoy and remember for a long time. But have you thought about doing something bigger?

Something where you don't just go away for a week on a vacation or a cruise, but actually take a break from your job, your house, and explore a different part of the world for a while?

Sounds pretty crazy, right? I think most people would have a few things. That immediately come to mind about why it wouldn't work.

  • How would we pay for this?
  • Would we be able to find a job after we return?
  • Could we sell your house?
  • If you have kids, how would they deal with things?

They're normal questions and concerns to have. I'd take it as a sign that you're someone who thinks things through. But wouldn't it be fun to shake up things a little?

Mike Heroux of Dividend Guy is on the show to help you go from dream to reality by sharing his story and take on things. He and his wife are wrapping a trip they took as a family five through the Americas.

In this episode, we look into:

  • how they prepare their finances and themselves for their RV trip
  • dealing with difficulties on the road
  • how you can start building some income on the side for your own adventure

Hope you enjoy it!

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