Ask Betty, Mukbanging with Mom'Osa, and Happy Birthday Jon!


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It's a special birthday episode of COUNTRY-ish, as Jon welcomes his mother (Mom'osa) into the studio to celebrate!

Jon’s mother shares stories from the day of Jon’s birth, including what scared her to death about the delivery and where Jon got his red hair from.

In ASK BETTY, Jon's Mom’osa, Betty Reep, takes listener questions about Jon as a child, growing up, and how much trouble he got into at school.
And in MUKBANGING WITH MOM’OSA, Jon and his mother do a little “mukbanging” on the show as they enjoy a meal from the Olde Hickory Station in Downtown Hickory. How were the shrimp & grits? And what was Mom’osa’s favorite part of the meal?

It's a magical, memory lane, matriarchal of an episode!

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