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Adam Platt, one of America's most beloved food critics, has been the chief food critic for New York Magazine since 2000. The son of a career US diplomat posted to Taiwan, Hong Kong and elsewhere, Adam and his hungry brothers (including actor Oliver Platt) grew up devouring dim sum in Hong Kong, giant platters of Peking duck in Beijing, fresh-baked croissants in Paris and pierogi on the snowy streets of Moscow. Mr. Platt is a graduate of the American School in Japan, Columbia University School of Journalism, and Georgetown School of Foreign Service.
During the course of his career in the magazine business, Mr. Platt has contributed to many publications including Esquire, Condé Nast Traveler and The New Yorker. His writing has been nominated for various awards and he was the recipient of the James Beard Foundation Award for his restaurant reviews in 2009.
Published in 2019, Mr. Platt's memoir, The Book of Eating, Adventures in Professional Gluttony, is a self-deprecating, wildly hilarious and irreverent memoir of a globe-trotting life lived meal-to-meal. Highly recommended!
Join Adam and host, Brad Johnson, for an entertaining conversation around Adam's unusual upbringing traveling and living internationally, his family's embrace of restaurants as a window into culture, and where the term "scowling boiling owl" originated. Sharing his journalistic style and role of the food critic today in a digital world, Mr. Platt provides insights into his profession and the state of the restaurant industry. Join us at the corner table for a fun account of a life well traveled, well fed, and well lived.
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