Today We SALUTE All Men Worldwide!!


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This Episode is For us to take a Moment to Acknowledge How Great Men Are.. Lets be clear Women Rock ..But Today Im talking about how strong and Resilient Men are..The Expectations put on men by society and Family. We forget they are Human and Sometimes They May Fail or Fall or say they Aint got it... Today on cookieeffect We want YOU KINGS to KNOW its OK to not be Ok..Or have it All together . Its ok to Ask for a Break.. its Also ok to Cry..None of this Takes Away From Your Greatness as MEN..just dust it off and get Back up. Shout out to @officialbonnetchronicles Ms Tami Roman Comedian Actress and Reality Star ... for Inspiring This Episode. Yall go check her out. Thanks cookie Crew for Listening. --- Support this podcast:

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