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THIS EPISODE Is About men who Respond with Aggression when TURNED DOWN BY A FEMALE!!! Alot of Men/Boys have very Fragile Egos..Cookie Shares Stories of herself and other females who have been in such Situations . I Made This Episode To Highlight How Often Men get away with Being Overly sensitive Towards womenwhich sometimes ends up in Dangerous confrontations with women getting HURT or Degraded and it gets Brushed Under the Rug..!!!!!! Ladies Know who You Respond To and HOW to Respond to These Type Of Men.. DO NOT ALLOW A MAN DISRESPECT YOU BECAUSE YOU TURNED HIM DOWN!!! REPORT HIM< CALL HIM OUT But Dont Just Accept that Kind Of ABUSE... Be SAFE POROTECT YOUR SPACE LADIES. I LOVE YOU ALL THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! Follow Me on INSTAGRAM @cookieeffectpodcast Email ME: cookieeffect1@gmail.com For Work OPPORTUNITIES.. FREE Promo For Your BRands And Music Artist Very Much WELCOME for INTERVIEWS!! Thank You For LISTENING!!! PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE IF YOU ENJOYED THIS EPISODE. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nicola-hargrave/support

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