Episode 31.4: Jolynna Sinanan


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Here, in the last of our mini-podcasts on crisis and digital research, Mythily is in conversation with anthropologist Jolynna Sinanan (Research Fellow in Digital Media and Ethnography at the University of Sydney). Jolynna's research focusses on digital media practices in relation to family relationships, work and gender. She has written on these themes in Social Media in Trinidad (UCL Press, 2017), Visualising Facebook (Miller and Sinanan, UCL Press, 2017), Webcam (Miller and Sinanan, Polity, 2014) and How the World Changed Social Media (Miller et. al. 2016, UCL Press). Most recently, Jolynna has been developing this work in two projects: on mobile mining work in Western Australia, and on digital/data practices around tourism in Mt Everest. With her fieldwork plans for both sites shelved for the time-being, this conversation reflects on the possibilities of adapting projects to digital modes during a crisis, and also if we should. You can find Jolynna on twitter at @jolynnasinanan - Conversations in Anthropology is a podcast about life, the universe, and anthropology produced by David Boarder Giles, Timothy Neale, Cameo Dalley, Mythily Meher and Matt Barlow. This podcast is made in partnership with the American Anthropological Association and supported by the Faculty of Arts & Education at Deakin University. Find us at conversationsinanthropology.wordpress.com or on Twitter at @AnthroConvo

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