187 - 5 Content Marketing Tasks to Outsource Today!


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Does everything in your business feel like it’s falling on your shoulders?

Many small business owners get stuck in that trap of feeling like they have to do everything themselves (especially if cashflow is tight). But then it’s hard to grow because you become the bottleneck in your business.

And then you can’t take any breaks because you have to keep everything going all the time.

So then you get exhausted or resentful or both!

In this episode, your hosts Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon share 5 Content Marketing tasks for you to consider outsourcing asap so you can get more support with your marketing.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • The REAL cost of not paying someone else to do those “in the weeds” tasks.
  • The “mowing your lawn” approach to deciding what to outsource.
  • The job roles inside your dream marketing team.
  • The very FIRST role to consider hiring some external support for (and it doesn’t have to be full time - even a few hours a week will make a massive difference!).
  • The 5 marketing tasks you want to look at outsourcing ASAP.
  • And much more!

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