186 - How to Get More Sales From Your Existing Social Media Followers


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We know getting more sales from EXISTING social media followers can be a challenge for many business owners.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this – you’ve built up a healthy following on Instagram or you’ve got hundreds or perhaps even thousands or more people in your Facebook Group, or you’ve expanded the number of connections you have on LinkedIn… but how do you turn those followers into buyers?

In this episode, your hosts, Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon share 6 quick and easy ideas for you to get more sales from your existing social media followers that you can implement right away (woot!).

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • Suzi’s best advice on how often you should be sharing posts with a call to action and optin.
  • The big thing missing from most social posts that share customer successes (making this ONE tweak can get you a ton more customers).
  • How you can use Facebook Guides and Instagram Highlights to move people from social to your funnel (and why that matters!).
  • The power of Custom Audiences and how you can start building your Email List (and Custom Audience) from your Facebook Group!
  • How to take a social media interaction and turn it into a personal outreach (and then how to take that outreach and turn it into sales!).
  • The precious few days after someone joins your Facebook Group or other online community, and what you need to be communicating (the answer may surprise you - because we’re not all about “nurturing” - there’s something ELSE we encourage you to do INSTEAD!).
  • And much more!

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