174 - How to Create Time For Big Ideas That Grow Your Business


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It can be easy to hit burnout when you’re doing lots of marketing projects back to back. And it can also be hard to come up with your best ideas when your calendar is always filled with deadlines.

In this episode, your hosts, Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon talk about the concept of a “Clear Week” – what it is, when and how you would add a clear week and why you might just decide this is something you need to do too!

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • What a Clear Week is (and isn’t!)
  • How Suzi plans for a Clear Week and why she puts one in after every major marketing promotion in her year
  • Why your team will love you for bringing a Clear Week into your life
  • How a Clear Week can help you do Deep Work
  • The 4 approaches to Deep Work Cal Newport identified (and which ones we prefer!)
  • And much more!

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