171 - Take Your Offline Business Online with These 5 Content Strategies


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For many brick and mortar businesses and other offline businesses that rely on people meeting up “in real life,” the last couple of years has been tough, especially with lockdowns and other restrictions.

The need to future proof your business so that your model works regardless of whether you can do things in person or not, is greater than ever.

And, while there are a few cases where the shift from offline to online might not work -- it’s surprising just how many offline businesses can pivot to online and THRIVE. Because waiting for things to return to normal isn’t a strategy, either.

In today’s episode, your hosts Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon share some top tips for taking your offline business online. Plus, we’re sharing stories from our Marketing Success Masterminders and other HerBusiness Network Members who’ve made the change, even in the most unlikely industries.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • 5 Ways to use Content Marketing to take your offline business online
  • How to grow your email list (and why cafes, clothing stores and other retailers NEED to double down on email)
  • Why you only need one social media channel (so stop using “it’s too much work” as an excuse)
  • How to come up with innovative offers when your main offer can’t happen due to lockdown!
  • The one thing missing from just about every website - and why you need to fix this FAST when you shift your business online
  • Why the first shift to online happens in your mind
  • How to turn what you know into products and sales
  • How a women’s adventure group made a 180 degree pivot and came out the other side stronger and able to help more people
  • How a gym owner shifted to all online classes and why she’ll never go back to brick and mortar
  • How a home organiser was able to keep her income going, even when she couldn’t visit people’s homes!
  • How an electrical and solar “Trade” business defied the odds and shifted all it’s marketing online
  • And much more!

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